Erin & Lee Hanson started Guardian Innovations in 2011 with one goal in mind – protecting athletes by developing superior sports equipment. With their 20+ years of experience owning and operating a technology and material sciences company, they created The Guardian Cap™ to reduce the force of impact upon collision experienced by football and lacrosse players, proving that soft-sided helmet technology is superior. The Guardian Cap was created from a passion for player safety, a knowledge in material sciences and the known physics behind impact reduction.

The small team continued to build the Guardian Innovations brand and recognition in the sporting goods industry. Besides the Guardian Cap, the team has reengineered the lacrosse ball developing The Pearl by Guardian™, the first high performance, greaseless lacrosse ball that doesn’t grease or harden over time, and has worked on a handful of other classified sporting goods projects with top names in the industry.

At Guardian Innovations we have a passion for protecting athletes, and we continually develop technologies that can enhance sports equipment. Our goal remains the same: protecting athletes participating in sports that clearly demand advancements in equipment.